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Extend the Lifespan of Your Sex Toys With These Storage Guidelines

As sex positivity is getting more and more awareness, there has been an increasing demand for sex toys, whether for personal or couple usage. However, no matter how open you are, not many people will want individuals to have unauthorised access to their sex toys. Thus, they tend to hide their stash in dark corners of their drawers or wardrobe in hopes that nobody will rummage through this space. Keeping your toys in these places may seem harmless, but the reality is you could end up diminishing the shelf life of your sex toys. Here are some storage guidelines you should adhere to if you want to prolong the lifespan of your toys.

Always clean your sex toys after use

One of the primary care and maintenance guidelines that come with all sex toys is to ensure they are thoroughly cleaned after use. However, some people tend to overlook this requirement, especially if they are exhausted from playing with their toys. It may seem easier to set a day aside for thorough sterilisation, but you will be exposing your toys as well as yourself to certain risks. Firstly, by leaving the toys unclean, you make yourself vulnerable to infections because bacteria and other microorganisms could start breeding on your toys. Secondly, some materials can begin to disintegrate if they are not accorded the proper aftercare. Thus, it is vital always to be aware of the manufacturer's cleaning instructions and follow them to a tee.

Store toys in a cool and dark place

The great thing about sex toys these days is that they typically are packaged in stylish yet discreet bags that can be placed almost anywhere. However, just because the sex toy is in its original packaging does not mean that it will be suited to any environment. As a rule of thumb, sex toys should always be stored in a cool and dark environment. The cool temperatures are supposed to ensure that the electrical components are not exposed to moisture in the form of humidity or condensation. Darkness, on the other hand, is critical for some materials that could be vulnerable to ultraviolet radiation and subsequent degradation. Consider investing in a lockable storage box that can provide your toys with both these conditions.

Keep toys segregated

A typical mistake people make once they start growing their sex toy collection is stashing all of them in one place. It may be convenient to have a particular storage area for your sexy time accessories, but take note that the toys should not touch one another. Materials such as silicon, latex, rubber and so on can end up reacting with one another, ruining the surface of your sex toys. Therefore, when putting them in one box, ensure that each toy is wrapped in its individual packaging.

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