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Point of Sale Features That Can Increase Business

Your point of sale software refers to the program used when customers buy or pay for items, and today's software offers many more features than just various ways to pay for a purchase. If you haven't updated your point of sale software in many years, you may want to think about the features that are offered today. These can increase your business in many different ways. Note the following.

1. Email collection

A point of sale software system can offer a customer the option of entering their email through a digital keyboard, which allows them to sign up for email alerts or a newsletter. In turn, you can use an email blast to share special sales and discounts, or have customers purchase over the internet.

They can have these sales and discounts offered even tailored to them according to their buying habits, for example, customers that buy baby items may get sent coupons for diapers and formula, and customers that buy organic groceries can be sent adverts for discounts on produce.

Having your point of sale system collect this data can make it easier than having a cashier ask for that information and can also be more noticeable than a stack of cards by the register that customers fill out manually.

2. Coupon printing

A point of sale system can automatically print various coupons, and these can print out with the receipt or right on the receipt itself. As with an email blast, the coupons can be tailored according to the purchases that were just made, and the right point of sale software can customise and print these coupons accordingly within seconds. By having coupons customised according to a customer's preference, you are not wasting paper for coupons they are less likely to use but are offering coupons that are more likely to bring them back into your store.

3. Signage and adverts

Most point of sale machines have room on their screens that can be used for signage and adverts. Many supermarkets have large screens above the register that allow customers to see what's being scanned, and these offer space for small adverts.

The same is true for screens that are used for swiping cards; even a small line at the bottom directing customers to special deals that can only be found online or upcoming sales can bring those customers back or increase their interest in certain products. These types of screen often support flashing lettering or other visual aids that help to call a customer's attention to these adverts.