Extend the Lifespan of Your Sex Toys With These Storage Guidelines

As sex positivity is getting more and more awareness, there has been an increasing demand for sex toys, whether for personal or couple usage. However, no matter how open you are, not many people will want individuals to have unauthorised access to their sex toys. Thus, they tend to hide their stash in dark corners of their drawers or wardrobe in hopes that nobody will rummage through this space. Keeping your toys in these places may seem harmless, but the reality is you could end up diminishing the shelf life of your sex toys. [Read More]

How to Make Sure You are Buying Official Ugg Boots

When you set out to find a good deal on Ugg boots, you may be concerned about not getting an official pair. The good news is, there are a few ways to know that you are getting true Ugg boots that are authentic and licensed by Ugg. Here are a few of the things to look for and how to spot ones that are not genuine. Keep in mind that these are the main things to look for to ensure you are getting the Ugg boots you want. [Read More]

Rugby Union Hoodies: Tips for Stain Removal

For some people, their rugby union hoodie is one of their staple garments. However, this regular wear will make your hoodie prone to stains. If you do not attend to these stains appropriately, you find that your hoodie begins to look much older than it really is. It should be noted that when tackling stains on your hoodie, you should first try the cleaning process on an inconspicuous part of your garment to ensure that the cleaning process will not aggravate the stain. [Read More]

How To Extend The Battery Life On Your DSLR Camera

Photography enthusiasts the world over love their DSLR cameras, but as with all things in the modern world they come with one major consideration: how can you keep them powered up for as long as possible while you're out and about? Spare camera batteries can be expensive, and they won't always fit inside your camera bag. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to help your camera keep running for as long as possible. [Read More]